Knowledge Workers

PARADIGM is a Knowledge Worker company, designing and refining a company culture that attracts, maintains and grows an elite team. We focus on connecting the dots between sensors platforms, and data management processes to enable the collection of quality information, and overcoming decision latency for niche requirements.

Sensor Technology

PARADIGM understands that in this era, sensor technologies are advancing at the rate that computer technologies were in the 1980’s. They are ever smaller, less expensive and more powerful, and their capabilities signal the start of a new era in the management of data and information. We are committed to matching new sensor technologies to the requirements of decision makers.

Intelligence Method

The term isr refers to the way we work. Whether it’s precision agriculture, fish and wildlife research, or setting up a search and rescue program, the ISR method involves the systematic collection of data; the distillation, or fusion, of disparate sources of data into a usable format; and the immediate presentation of the relevant data points to decision makers.