• Hermiston Agriculture Research

    Research in conjunction with Oregon State University and The Boeing Company.

  • Data Analysis

    PARADIGM specializes in the development of mission-based data roadmaps,
    enabling the presentation of actionable data to managers and decision makers.

    • Mining
    • Oil and Gas
    • Agriculture
    • Wildlife Management
  • Cesium Integration

    3D and High-Resolution 2D

    • Data-driven time-dynamic scenes
    • Visualize high-resolution worldwide Terrain
    • 3D Models
    • Atmosphere: sun, sun lighting, moon, stars, and water

Beginning in 2012, PARADIGM has grown to 30 employees, delivering on a range of programs that require the application of the discipline implied with ISR to the widest possible range of commercial problems involving large amounts of data. PARADIGM is a wholly owned subsidiary of n-Link, an established federal contractor. The employees bring a full spectrum of leading technical and business strengths... more


PARADIGM specializes in the collection, analysis, and presentation of data relative to complex commercial and public problems.

Aerial Data Collection
PARADIGM’s team of pilots, sensor integrators, and analysts are positioned to perform manned or unmanned aerial data collection over a full range of natural resource... more
UAS Flight Experience
PARADIGM team members have managed a variety of UAS projects with relevance to this proposal, including: agricultural surveys, identifying crop stressors... more
Sensor Integration
PARADIGM team members have integrated and calibrated sensors and software systems into airframes for both manned and unmanned systems... more
Imagery Analytics/Data Analysis
PARADIGM specializes in the development of mission-based data roadmaps, enabling the presentation of actionable data to managers and decision makers... more
Analytics and Programming
PARADIGM has a premier suite of imagery processing and GIS tools, in conjunction with software experts in their applications... more
Access to Contract Vehicles
n-Link has standing under a number of federal contract vehicles, enabling an easier, more efficient pathway for federal agencies to engage our services... more


PARADIGM’s mission is to provide our customers with “actionable intelligence”, the knowledge and insight, derived from key datasets, to guide strategic business decisions...more

Leadership Team

A few leaders from our team:

Vic Cordell


Mr. Vic Cordell, leader with significant military experience in MASINT, leads PARADIGM in the development of science and technology-based products and services.

Chris Rushing


Mr. Chris Rushing, former entrepreneurial leader of a company renowned for commercial UAV services, leads PARADIGM in the operation of it’s mission.

Josh Brungardt


Mr. Josh Brungardt, long time aviation professional and pilot, is widely considered one of the nation’s academic experts in the development and management of unmanned aircraft systems.

Mark Garrison

VP, Business Strategy

Mr. Mark Garrison is an executive level professional, provides PARADIGM with extensive experience in strategic financial guidance and leadership.

Jake Jacobs

VP, Sales and Marketing

Mr. Jake Jacobs, Navy veteran, leads Business Development activities for PARADIGM. Jake is a sUAS pilot accumulating over 3000 flight hours.

Kelly Stewart

Director, Operations

Ms. Kelly Stewart, holding an MBA from Georgetown University, handles operations for PARADIGM across all major programs.

JD Lewis

Director, Geospatial Systems

Mr. JD Lewis, former active duty air force pilot, is a technical leader and subject matter expert in aviation and data visualization.

Dave Dobler

Director, Field Operations

Dave Dobler, a career law enforcement professional, focuses on best practices governing the collection, management, dissemination, and privacy security of information.

Lisa Graham

Chief Scientist

Dr. Lisa Graham, a professional chemical engineer with 18 years of technical and business experience, is focused on the company’s research and scientific priorities of the organization.

From data to direction
actionable intelligence